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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You Are So Much Into These Mind Games That I Am Left Speechless

I find it a real darn shame that so many animes insist on mixing Gay Stuff with Awesomezorz Kewlness, just in order to attract more of the Gay Loving audience, and thus make the Uber Stuff appear more climatic. So far I have seen many a good anime that only keep to the Awesome Stuff, and there is no need for Gay Crap at all! Only Uber is Only Uber!

Do you guys even notice our hair, nails, shoes, or eyes?
Well, if a girl doesn't have nails... or eyes, then yes. That's a bit of a problem. Although I think I can eventually cope :+D

My last three girlfriends died after no more than a few months of being in a relationships with me. I was the one who killed them. Eventually. Now I'm left with a horrible problem! How do I find an Asian 6 feet tall girl in the UK???
You're a horrible person!!! You racist!

Remove the trash from your room boy! There's the cleaner tomorrow!
ROFL. You always call him the "cleaner", even though he's been working here each week for ten years. Why not just call him by his name? Nigger!

What do I do if I suspect my bf is a lien?
Be extra careful when you mate!

Oh girl, when you're lonely you just know that a good man is hard to find, and a hard man is good to find.

The ZOMBIE OUTBREAK is already here!!! Look around at all the pretty people around you! See their posts online!! *INSERT ANY FORUM OR MESSAGE BOARD HERE*

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hit It Again! A Returning Criminal!

Let Time kill off those who can not change their own wrong doings. Let Nature improve on the more proper choices of others.

Let us come together in love, and make baby slaves to worship and feed me!


Behold! The beauty of Permaculture!

Some day I'll have my own free for all piece of lush land :+D

Death, as it is known to humans, is full of life.

Rise the Cucumber, and hit the Gardener!

Slaving is bad... Work little - Live long!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Faith Is A Matter Of Consequence

"Do you believe in God?"
- "Hell no!"
"What's your favourite drink?"
- "Bloooooood!"

I don't name my ex-girlfriends "Ex's", due to them being my past lovers; I call them "Ex's", because after failed testing - they are now marked with a big "X" in my head.

Lots of sex. Plenty of booze. Days of sleep; Living life in good moderation.

Practice makes perfect. So have a lot of sex with random people.

What's better than a girl offering you sex?
A girl offering you sex AND PIZZA!!!

"Kinder Poison! Because it's delicious, and life ain't long!"

You may now refer to me as Sir Boblicot.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


"Fist of the North Star is invincible." says Kenshiro from the famous anime of the same name.

Hokuto no Ken is an extreme anime! Here is why:

- Heads and different body parts explode. They do so after certain pressure points are pressed violently.

- People (men, women, children) who walk casually for days in the desert, and under the sun, get almost no tan seemingly. They don't seem to burn much either.

- It's post apocalyptic of course. And Asian!!

- A good percent of humanity has gone completely insane and violent - and are now attacking and killing anything and everyone. Mostly for fun.

- The storyline is matched to fit the above points as best as possible. Thank you Mr. Mangaka!

That's almost as good as it gets really. Really really.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Do nothing; nothing at all.

If you think nobody cares, try missing a few payments.

If only drawing was so easy, I would draw endlessly for exactly two minutes.

A game world that is divided to zones for the different major time zones in the world.

Not Usually For Jokes

You have now reached the Psychological Service Help Line:

If you are obsessive compulsive, please press 1 over and over again.

If you are overly dependant, please ask someone else to press 2 for you.

If you have a split personality disorder, please press 3, 4, 5 and 6.

If you are paranoid, we already know who you are and what you want. Please hold while we are tracking the call.

If you are schizophrenic, please press whichever number the little voice in your head tells you to.

If you suffer from mania depression, please press any number at all; it really doesn't matter, as no one is going to answer your call anyway.

If you are anal, please hold.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Not By Me, But By The Vinsburg

There are times when the only good form of expression appears to be: "FUCK! I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!!!", and these times come, and when they do, a paranoid monkey has only a few things worth doing in order to feel calm again.

One of which is running away. Another, is tearing each of the other monkeys apart... Limb... By limb.

This story is of one of those times.

Slightly edited and modified by me.

Democritus Did Not Invent The Democracy

Okay! So it goes like this...

The year is 2XXX. Earth is hit by a series of meteorites, which destroy and annihilate life in vast areas, up to thousands of kilometres square. The collision of those rocks into earth, and their influence over the climate and ocean movements, affect the Earth's atmosphere into a prolonged and severe Ice Age in which the rest of anything else that survived - does die.

Jumping forward about Eighty Five thousand years forward: Earth stabilizes some time after those past events, and there is once again a successful variant of Humans roaming over the Earth with advanced science and tools. All other, and many past known, forms of life are also doing well.

An incredibly huge comet is now approaching Earth - once again a threat from space. Never the less, this time the Earthlings already have the tools to implode it from within, and thus avoid any serious damage done to the Earth. They manage that successfully, yet a thousand years later the Earthlings discover that the Earth has been infected by radioactive matter, apparently from that same comet, which is now slowly eating up life everywhere. Another thousand years more, and all life on Earth, including vegetation, under-water beings, and simple cell beings are now destroyed, and Earth becomes a dark planet that glows in green from radioactivity.

This is a story about the planet Nigetoid, which lies out there in the Sextans A galaxy area. The Nigetoids have been successfully living in their Earth-like planet for over Two Hundred and Five million years now, and have taken notice to the yet another destruction of all life forms on Earth, these days. Nigetoids have a life span many times longer than what any Earthling, vegetation or virus, have ever managed to attain. They also reproduce, and thus change according to their environments. They appear similar to humans, only much taller, and with only four senses, excluding Touch. Those are: Sight, although with different light ranges than humans, Smell, which is incredibily sensitive in it's perception, Taste, and Pain. They are not like many Earthlings, similar in size and complexity of cells, that had other senses like Touch, or Hearing, or even Balance.

Similarly to how all other Nigetoids communicate, they do to - even if in their own unique way.

- "Buhahahaha! Did you see that?! Those weak Earthlings just got melted again by radiation! That's like... what?... the third time this year?" Considering that their own years in Nigetoid are measured much differently than on how Earthlings measured anything on Earth.

-- "I don't think they are really getting the vibe of our region, you know. I mean, their planet has existed for long enough now. It's about time they learn something from all of that experience. Most of them just lay down under their Sun for that short period of time they live. Even our most stupid and ridiculed organisms have passed that phase already. Look at the Ommnnizshovirzttor species," He gestures to the left towards a fat Jellyfish like being that is occupied with drawing symbols on the sand.

- "Yeah buddy, I get you. I guess we're lucky to not suffer any more. Many people tend to forget that our Nigetoid ancestors weren't enjoying their time too much when they were living the life span of Earthlings, and they had to fight off those nasty Coma Berenices dwellers that just insisted on attacking them on and on until finally everything over there just went up in plasma."

Hehehe totally got in the mood for this.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Conceptualization of An Example Case

3D Artist - Modelling, Animation.
2D Artist - Draw, Paint.
Coder - Programming.
Writer - Textualize Ideas, Sort Texts.
Manager - Sort Goals, Timings, and People.

All of which are motivated by the Goal (which translates into)-> a group of consistent Ideas.

Find others motivated by the same Goal/Ideas.
Sort to occupational type.
Link between types. (Managerial work)

What is the Goal? What are worthy Ideas?
Game World.
Flexible content system.
Flexible code system.

Where's the fun in it?
Experiments in human relations.
Expression of emotions.
Expression of ideas.
Experiments in life logic.
Experiments in all development types related (occupations).

A game that consistently gives the feeling of a new experience.

Just some ideas I wrote down and would like to archive here.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Empty Shapes & Spirals of Vortexness

Those who know me do not need to read what I think, as they hear me say it often enough. It is those whom I do not meet that would require reading my thoughts, in order to reveal who I am.

Some are artists. Many are philosophers. All quote-smiths say words.

A lacking number of people ever do criticize my words. It is probably due to me being very stupid and very smart.

A zombie alien monster that eats only the arms and legs and screams "Yarrr"!

If I could speak and write in quotes, and nothing but quotes, then I would seem like the wisest man on earth!

It is valuable if it is of high quality. It is less valuable if it is of high quantity. Stop letting gamers grind!!!

Not a surprising matter it is that so few true seekers of knowledge exist today. I have witnessed only very few brave and lively ones, who have trespassed into the utter abyss of thought and existence.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


A short story.

Episode I: Introductions

Tonight I made first contact with it. An unknown entity from many light years away. I sent out the message: "I am love," and got in response a list of unknown characters. I have an entire team working on deciphering the received text, and it won't be long until we do.

It's later into the night now, and another cryptic message was received! One of the guys says that he thinks the word "Fear" is included in their message. This is very exciting to hear; It might be a dangerous attempt at communication with distant and unknown life forms, never the less it is surely worth the risk.

"We are fear and hate. Living it is," is what we are deciphering from their two messages, combined. I am unsure as to what it means. It might just be a game of words. My message wasn't much of a message I suspect. I'll send them another message tonight. It's soon morning, so I'll write: "Light brings new life,". I'm certain that will bring in more interesting messages. It's a big responsibility put on me to decide what is sent. I feel confident in my ability to draw their positive attention.

The entire day went by and still no response. Me and the entire team, except for one person, all went to take a nap. We haven't had much sleep these last couple weeks, and it will have it's negative affects on us if we continue to do so. Afterwards, I was surprised to see another incoming message awaiting. This time it's become easier to decipher, and we already have a partial translation: "BLANK for you BLANK BLANK empty."

Episode II: Friends

It's been three years since our discovery of another life form able to communicate through the great void of space with a similar method to our own. The communication itself is lagged, and it is lacking important information. We recently received an extremely long message, and our top researchers think it might be an encoded image. This could be our big break through. Finally seeing a face, or at least an image, behind all those words. Many empty and meaningless words with the sole function of ensuring us of their existence, is all we got so far; Maybe also ensuring them of our own existence.

Most of the work is done at night. They only communicate around night hours. Mostly when it's dark. Now finally an actual photograph is visible to me! It shows a round shaped object. Our keen faculty already noticed it looks like an eye. A human eye even. I think our friends over yonder may be human like in their form. I feel very positive about this. I feel this is a good thing for us. I will not give up my quest.

Episode III: Same

This is terrible! We received another encoded picture, only days after the first one; It is a picture of us! I don't know what to make of this. It doesn't make any sense. Fear started showing it's side effects in the team. People started arguing that it's a mistake. Maybe it's some sort of a joke or an error in our systems. This is entirely new technology we are using here. We can't be blamed for errors.

Many checks were run on the picture to verify it's integrity. Nothing suspicious comes up. It's just a picture of us. A good question was raised though; If this picture was taken in the past, then who took it, and when did they take it? I let a certain researcher become an investigator of the case on my behalf, and she will report to me daily, after asking around snooping and poking anything she notices.

It's been the longest day I could remember. Everyone are still angry and tired. Many are pointing at others for doing this in order to disrupt the project. Others are claiming that this is an outside job, and should just be ignored. Some are even saying that this might be real, and that we shouldn't ignore it. A picture of ourselves sent in by foreign entities from a vast void away. This might be the end of the project for all I know. No new messages are being received, and they won't reply to the messages we send out.

Episode IV: Ends

Two of our leading researchers and faculty members have resigned the project. They couldn't sleep well anymore, and do not feel that this is worth their health. I tried talking to them, asking them to try and stay a little longer; Maybe new evidence would come up. Maybe an answer would show, coming from our alien friends, understanding our confuse. Of course no messages were received, and they soon left. Barely even went through their personal desks and rooms. What a useless rush.

After only a day now, in which we lost morale and a couple of our finest, we've received another message. It begins with a text message, saying: "What is I?", and another picture displaying our team. This time it was obvious immediately; It was the entire team, including the two missing men, only at least a decade later. Into the future. After some more inquiry into it, I noticed that the picture was twisted. The Us that were in the picture were staring to random directions, and were not showing any emotion in their faces. Just blank stares into anywhere. This raised a lot of questions from the team. What more is wrong with the picture? What more problems did we not notice in the earlier pictures received? I could not answer them properly. I'm shocked to see these findings with my own two eyes. I feel unsafe and hesitant, and I can relate more to the others who left already. I must not show these feelings nor share these thoughts. I need those remaining here working on the project. We must get an answer!

Waking up today was a bad call, as half the team is wishing to resign the project. My administrator saw the project logs, and decided that it was time to give this project to a new team. I will be included as one of the lead researchers if I wish, but will not have much to say as to the direction it will take. I agreed to his proposal and went back to my bed to rest more.

A new message was received. I am not supposed to enter the project machines anymore until all equipment is transferred to the new laboratories. I decided to take the risk. I doubt they will punish me or even say anything in the matter. Using the already constructed methods of deciphering the incoming texts, I realized quickly that this new message was actually yet another encoded picture. A photo. It shows me standing in an unknown control room. I saw some weird pixalization, and so I zoomed in on my face. My eyes were completely black and were bleeding from the edges, and my forehead had many small scratches on it. I am not so afraid, yet I can't resist the feeling of a bad omen from looking at it. I decided to send in my resignation letter from the project, and I asked to move to another one. A new project will be better for me I'm sure.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Random Not-Nonsense

The Wizard & Mage Association; A Vision & Wisdom Guild.

Why watch an entire porn flick?
Because I want to see how it ends!

Car abuse is evil. Bad public transportation is evil. Noise is evil. Air pollution and bad smells are evil. So go on and have a good day!

Humans recreate themselves every day through Science, The Arts, and Anything that their Imagination can think up. I prefer to have sex.

The following segment refers to both Cows and Bulls, but mentions only "Cows" for readability reasons.
Cows eat grass. Cows are strong. Cows have big genitalia. Cows have sexy horns. Cows run fast! Cows don't eat you for all that, yet You eat Cows.

It is a prison if you want to get out; It is a haven if you want to stay inside.

What is the value of teaching someone who is not wishing to learn? Someone who is refusing to learn? A sad smile is unlike a happy frown.

I just may extend my text on the first line. Really got my own interest there.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


--- Watch The Movie Earthlings On Google Video HERE ---

EARTHLINGS is a feature length documentary about humanity's absolute dependence on animals (for pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and scientific research) but also illustrates our complete disrespect for these so-called "non-human providers."

This is in most parts a less gore oriented video. It's a full feature documentary film, presented in many festivals world wide. It includes important information that should be learned by all.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Know Life; Know Thyself.

Always seek knowledge. Life. Nature. A person must acknowledge in this world:
(Video on the right. Ignore the porn on the left...)
Smaller Furry Animals.

Pledge to go fur-free at PETA.org.
(Watch the video in the middle there. Pretty obvious.)
Yes. Humans.
And finally... A correlation to modern reality. Do you enjoy KFC?

........... Life.

A good master teaches his disciple. A good disciple teaches his master.

The man plan! Sweat and blood until death or success!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Me Like Shiny Pictures!

This is a quickly nicely edited version, just to try and hide my room ^_^

That's just fucked up now. I love it.

Normal one just for fun, after a long time without any pictures taken.

And the original from before!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Comedy Solitude Web

Comedians that move too much and speak too fast, simply try too hard and kill the fun!

Forums are good. There's time to think before talking.

Have no group to fit into; Can't make a group; Forever a misfit; It's hard being a lone wolf, when all the others are sheep in disguise.

Chuck Norris really tried not to kill Bruce Lee in their past movie, "The Kung Fu Of The Tower Of The Raging Dragon". Then again, after only a few short years Bruce couldn't stand the intensity of being touched by Chuck anymore, and died. Unsurprisingly; Chuck Norris FTW.

DragonBallZ SSJ Practical Joke;
Requirements: Two school pupils, one of them being a guy, a ventilator (fan), and a silly yellow wig thing that glows.
Instructions: Only a few minutes after class starts, when everyone is sitted and things get quiet, you and your friend open the class door and stand in the entrance towards the class. While, if necessary, one is setting up the ventilator, the other starts his Goku style SSJ transformation screaming and show (the whole uber angry thing). When the ventilator is ready, the SSJ dude puts on the silly long yellow wig - takes off his shirt - and the ventilator guy starts it off at maximum power for the wig to start flying! More screaming, and even quotes if wanted: "I'll get you Freeza!".

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Miscellaneously Awaiting

Relationships and endings; It's not you, it's me. I don't like how you're fat and ugly now a days.

Change is from the inside of one, shifting to the ones close by, and to everyone who takes notice as it goes along.

No one wants to think about their true fears.

Non officially invented: Copondering / Dualpondering / Multipondering.

All of the above are a cluster of thoughts from different days, but surprisingly with some correlation.

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Hole Of You

The dirty keys, a spoiled mouse, a lucky-to-be-working monitor, and the smell of burning plastic; Hardcore PC geeks versus the men of old!

In every work of art, the ending and the beginning are the most important parts in making an impression on it's viewers. Not to belittle the middle of course.

Push a stick, and it will move. Push a tree, and you will move.

Youtube videos; Hot girls are a great crowd maker, but if you're going to be put in front of the camera - either act properly, or renounce yourself of any active playing part.

Had some thinking going on while watching some miscellaneous videos, and stand-up comedians. Search "stand up comedy".

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Short Story

Sometimes a long story can take the shape of a short story, and as such entail a wonderful legend, full of colour and life; In a matter of little time as well. Not all short stories are brief, you know. Even a smaller mule can kick as hard as a stallion on occasions! That is the case with this story I know and tell. The short story of Gorr-Rine. Gorr-Rine Lassphamus, is actually their full name. Or maybe his full name. Hard to say. I will let you decide as you follow onwards.


"What's with you now?" asked and exclaimed to, well himself, the small scale of a person Gorr-Rine. Fine long hair he had, and shiny bright and bold eyes also. Both black. As black as the night itself. As black as the soul of the most foul person to be found in all the lands and seas. As black as... his own clean black leather jacket, which Gorr-Rine wore often. "Nothing. Nothing. Nothing at all even." he replied. Once again, to himself.

I know how confusing this might seem! I was confused as well when I first learned of such behavior I tell you. A good guess would be saying that Mr. Gorr-Rine has a dual personality. Or just enjoys talking to himself as if he were more than one. But neither would be all correct, due to his own complicated situation in life (at this time of the story at least).

"I was just thinking," said he again. "What if we run into Ellebob again? Wouldn't that be a good thing?" he asked as if awaiting an answer from someone who knows better. "Not at all! Don't be stupid!" quickly replied to himself. "That fella is nothing but trouble. Besides, it's not all bad as it is now. Not at all. We just need to hang about and this matter will be settled in prettier ways, if you catch my drift," he continued, and seemed to have persuaded himself to agree, as a weird gleaming smile came on his own face. "Now let us move on from this damned forest and get to Ellelots already. I am getting tired you know."

And so he moved forward walking on both feet, and the sun broke through the horizon and through the tall, leafy, green, and sturdy trees that lived in that forest. The Forest so they called it, the locals. No name is needed for just a forest far away from any other after all. Not to belittle that forest, oh no. Quite a mighty lively forest it was. After all, not for naught did so many legends and stories connect themselves to this well known, but very local and remote forest. But this is a whole different story never the less, so not much will be told about it.

Still morning it was as Gorr-Rine finally found his way out of the forest. A good long walk of four days he walked and made camp as well. Not that it was any hard for him, as he was already well trained in walking and scouting. And not to mention that the forest was not all new to him. Well, not exactly at least. Not all new to a good part of him I would correct myself and say. Again, it's your choice as you see fit to decide what is the right way to put things. And now, without even looking around to locate his position and choose a path, Gorr-Rine walked ahead towards a seemingly wild and not in any way unique mountain not too far ahead. A tall mountain covered in snow, even though the weather was fine and warm for days on days now. Yet that fact didn't seem to surprise our Gorr-Rine. And as soon as it seemed he had left the forest, he already reached the bottom of the mountain. Putting his gear next to a comfortable looking rock, and sitting on it, he started singing:

Ohhh where are you my dear friend,
My dear beloved nearing home land.
Fullll of spirit you truly stand,
And nothing on your paths shall not withstand!

And as soon as he was done, and done well as he made sure his Oh's and L's rolled and lengthened nicely, a figure came out as if from nowhere. As if, for a bystander, it was always standing there, and from the beginning was listening to Gorr-Rine singing about. "How are you?" the figure said quickly, obviously taking no interest in an answer. "Good. And you?" replied the already standing and ready-to-go Gorr-Rine. Didn't even bother to look at the fella so very rudely and already putting his gear onto himself again. Yet the other didn't seem to care and already was on his way walking and taking lead to an unknown place (even though Gorr-Rine already had a guess or two as to where they are heading).


A short story I started writing; Holding use of the Tolkien'ish way of writing and style, I input my own ideas and thoughts into this story, which I hope will be likable. I hope it won't be any boring to rabid Tolkien readers, as it might feel like just a copy of his books and stories. I try my best to be authentic though.
Part II to be published whenever I choose in the future. Especially if requested!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ideas Of A Current Age

Sitting in front of a PC, one may plug-in the web cam and stare at oneself for many hours every day. Learn thyself!

Pondering, getting excited, and typing on a keyboard - Maybe having a cam and a microphone as well in action; That is how time is spent.

Ideas that related to me sitting in front of my PC, chatting with some Irish gal, and looking at myself in the web cam being curious and stuff.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Human, or Back In There Again.

Oh the Human nature... Us Humans who like things so easily... And there is so much to like as well!... I do believe it's called "getting addicted".

A story teller can not tell his story, if no one is to listen to his words. A lost book has a unique value even more.

Any one thing that has been made with plenty time and much effort, will be of interest and pleasure to anybody who takes notice of it, as that one thing nourished and grew feeding on life itself; Which is the time of a living-being.

Being inspired by a conversation with an Australian friend and thoughts of my current reading - The Hobbit, by Tolkien.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pondering about life, books, and music.

One can do anything they wish! ... But one might value their resting hours as to do so.

I'm a virtual, invisible, inaudible unknown figure probably thousands of kilometers away from you... Yet I can still make you feel bad.

A good rule to be considered would be, not to talk with people whom one can't talk freely with....... Mom......

And on a side note, this is my first post with some recent wording that came to mind. Slowly and carefully. I like 'em; So should you!!