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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Teachings Of No Buddha

Sleep is a beautiful hobby.

It's all just a bunch of people buggerin' each other, because they suffer being alone.

Whatever Monastery. Evil Sect'.

It is Me Time, and there is no U in Me Time!

Don't be a Nuclear Physicist! Be an Anti-Nuclear Physicist!

A Yogi infiltrating a Buddhist monastery.

Words do not matter! Don't read this line! ..... Oh too late...

Lying down, eyes shut, and changing mind consciousness meditation!

Problems don't give solutions. The sources of problems give solutions!

Allow others to approach you, and you will have great communication!

All pain and suffering pales in comparison to the feeling of giving up and abandoning a person who is asking for help.

Being balanced in life is to be focused on balance and aware of change.

When balance is lost, time feels either too fast or too slow. When balance is kept, time feels correct.

As balance is being lost, a feeling of being pulled away exists. Like a force pulling on the body and mind.

There is Balance. There is Imbalance. And there is Change.

Ignorance saddens me, and the support of it enrages me;
Wisdom joys me, and the support of it excites me.

An idea has no owner.

I shall reign supreme for eternal servitude!
Resistance to my gargantuan powers is evitable only to those who have not yet suffered them!