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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Conceptualization of An Example Case

3D Artist - Modelling, Animation.
2D Artist - Draw, Paint.
Coder - Programming.
Writer - Textualize Ideas, Sort Texts.
Manager - Sort Goals, Timings, and People.

All of which are motivated by the Goal (which translates into)-> a group of consistent Ideas.

Find others motivated by the same Goal/Ideas.
Sort to occupational type.
Link between types. (Managerial work)

What is the Goal? What are worthy Ideas?
Game World.
Flexible content system.
Flexible code system.

Where's the fun in it?
Experiments in human relations.
Expression of emotions.
Expression of ideas.
Experiments in life logic.
Experiments in all development types related (occupations).

A game that consistently gives the feeling of a new experience.

Just some ideas I wrote down and would like to archive here.