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Friday, August 7, 2009

I feel overwhelmed, as usual.

Ignorance is truly sad. Problems which are obvious to the naked eye, people will comment about endlessly with fear; while problems which are not so easily noticed, are ignored completely. All of this regardless of the importance of the problem and the opinion of the person handling it.

I'm a troublesome guy, always looking for troublesome gals.

Gaining money or any sort of wealth is done by aiding and helping those in need. It is the sharing of lives that allows sustainability for us all.

The Universe is a System of Balance, in which the Perfect Balance equals to Nothing, while everything else is considered Matter. The Law of this Universe is that of the Shift between Perfect Balance and Perfect Imbalance.

Destruction by proxy.

Laziness is the amount of Restriction on a person, relative to the amount of Will they have.
Lazy = Restriction / Will

I want to cry, but I am not crying. I want to faint, but I am not fainting. I want something, but I do not know how to get it. I feel so sad for my ignorance.

To be effortless in action, and to be restful in mind, is to be satisfied in life.

Walk it off!!

Get excited about your feet and start running!

Saving water - for not so rainy days!

I saw myself falling under my exhaustion and fears, abandoning my practise and it's wisdom, forgetting the passion that I feel inside of me every day.

I allowed myself to fight against reality... That which never works. The incorrect way.

Everybody is a teacher in life. I just follow more closely those that I feel have for me a more important lesson.

I am an abstract expression.

A society of slavery enforces contribution on it's people.
A society of equality manages the existing contribution without demand from it's people.

Washing the ocean and combing the desert. Today I had some frog soup!

I kill in the name of Buddha!!!

What comes out of meditation? Nothing!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Song Of The Saint

Shit happens man. It does. You just sit down, and it happens.

In a world full of water, we are dying of thirst.

Different places don't feel any different. Land. Water. People. Funny... There really is no "I" to places.

Made for discomfort... people will do anything to busify themselves!

Chillin' around in England, singing British songs.

When it boils down to it, I'm just a potato and pasta kind of guy.

Knowing how endless the mind is, a person should choose their actions wisely and carefully.

Something to think about: Looking horribly fucked up.

Each of us have that thing that we do with ease and pleasure, and always keep interest and zest for it. That is what we should do to contribute to others!

Methods of entertainment that keep relationships at the none personal level, such as television and online games, mimic that feeling of liveliness for people, and thus sadly neglect animals and plants which require our attention, for us to be sincerely happy in life.

The main infrastructures we have are based on and supported by the money resulting in effort of citizens. If so, then why are they not free for use publicly? Transportation, water, communications, food, and more. It is obvious that there is a loophole of logic, even if some may claim for sensibility in the economic sense, eventually we can easily see problems arise from such methods.

The transportation system today is a violent solution. It's like using weapons that kill, just in order to control a crowd.

I feel such an amazing sorrow within myself. I am meeting an end, even as I am approaching a new beginning. The heart is indeed something to thoroughly study.

People are just people. The conditions in which we live are what matters the most.

Lying down and looking at the sky, even in a city like London, the heavens are the same dazing beauty. Very good practise.

Without problems life is joyous. There is no need to work on attaining methods of entertainment.

Restful sleep means resting before and after sleeping!

Counting numbers to relax. Counting prime numbers to relax.

I dwell in emptiness.

I feel the intention in the gaze. Not being aware is like being dead. Be dead when you are dead! Not when you are alive!

When giving awareness to something we give it value and meaning. Only then are we able to make use of it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Teachings Of No Buddha

Sleep is a beautiful hobby.

It's all just a bunch of people buggerin' each other, because they suffer being alone.

Whatever Monastery. Evil Sect'.

It is Me Time, and there is no U in Me Time!

Don't be a Nuclear Physicist! Be an Anti-Nuclear Physicist!

A Yogi infiltrating a Buddhist monastery.

Words do not matter! Don't read this line! ..... Oh too late...

Lying down, eyes shut, and changing mind consciousness meditation!

Problems don't give solutions. The sources of problems give solutions!

Allow others to approach you, and you will have great communication!

All pain and suffering pales in comparison to the feeling of giving up and abandoning a person who is asking for help.

Being balanced in life is to be focused on balance and aware of change.

When balance is lost, time feels either too fast or too slow. When balance is kept, time feels correct.

As balance is being lost, a feeling of being pulled away exists. Like a force pulling on the body and mind.

There is Balance. There is Imbalance. And there is Change.

Ignorance saddens me, and the support of it enrages me;
Wisdom joys me, and the support of it excites me.

An idea has no owner.

I shall reign supreme for eternal servitude!
Resistance to my gargantuan powers is evitable only to those who have not yet suffered them!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Science Is The Perception Of Perception!

"The first time you do something, it's science. The second time, it's engineering. The third time, it's just being a technician. I'm a scientist. Once I do something, I want to do something else." -Clifford Stoll

Philosopher -> Scientist -> Engineer -> Technician -> User.

"The Logic of Change."

"I shall heroically fight against apathy, by targeting it as bad logic, and by showing passion towards life!"

Be Remarkable! ... Topic -> Design -> Changeability

"Talk to yourself! You are not crazy."

"Creativity is not invoked. Creativity is allowed."

Some say there is no "evil" or "good"; but I once heard of a guy who drugged an old nice Buddhist Monk, and got him to kill a baby with his bare hands, and then get butt raped. Now, that's just evil.

Awareness to everything. Thought in everything. Whether they are one, or more, these make progress and growth, which is always good.

Calmness and vitality of both body and mind, which are one. These help sustain progress and growth, which is always good.

Honesty in regard to all good emotions. Once allowed in oneself, they reflect in all of life, and everything in its entirety. A total and complete goodness.

Virtue, Meditation, and Wisdom. They have no order. All three must be developed equally in order to achieve a good life.

Expression of the day!

"You give a hungry man a fish, and he wants more. You teach that man to fish, and he uses nets to kill all the fish there are. You show a man how to think, and he becomes aware of his own thought, and he thinks about his problems and solves them as best as can be without needing you any more at all."

"Education IS fun. If you're not enjoying yourself, then it's not education for you, and it surely isn't educating you."

Here and now I shall explain my theory of logical theoretical relativity, which eventually explains Time-Travel and all there is to know.
By potential definitions, the Time of an Object, is equal to the ratio between it's Energy - or sum of all of it's Material Properties - to the Material Laws that it exists under it in our reality.
Time itself may have the Time Properties of Position In Time, and of Direction In Time, and of Movement In Time which may or may not be a constant.
Material itself is defined by our own existence, and the observation that we have on it on all levels.
If e=mc^2, then
e=m*(299,792,458 meters / 1 second)^2
sqrt(e)=sqrt(m)*(299,792,458 meters / 1 second)
(1 second) = sqrt(m)*(299,792,458 meters) / sqrt(e)
May need Math fixing, or may be impossible. The idea stands though, by my own definitions!
A tool that can measure Energy, and transform Matter into Energy and back Into Matter, so that it is proven that no Matter was lost in the transformation, and thus the measurement of Energy is correct, is required in order to find the ratio that defines Time.

Thank you! Haha ^_^

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My quest for proper education.

My quest on proper education.

Learning what matters beyond myself, through the eyes of others who have been where I have not.

Go to video.google.com. Go to www.youtube.com. Go to any information channel that lets you search for what you want.

Search for "truth". Search for "learn". Search for "education". Search for "lecture". Search for "talk". Search for "presentation". Search for "conference". Search for "science". Search for "nature". Search for "pollution".

And the list goes on. And the list expands over and over, just like the roots of a tree - towards more ideas; towards more views. Towards what is really happening around all of us.

Use tools of information. Learn what is really important around you. Understand what direction you want to take. Realize your own hope. Feel satisfied for helping yourself and others. Feel alive and virtuous.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Humanize Already!!!


We feel the Computer - and the Computer feels us.
  • See the Virtual Space filtered through Glasses or similar devices, and have the Glasses see what's in-front of you in Physical Space through a Camera. Thus, the Physical Space is seen, and on top of it is a layer of Virtual Space. "With you hands, you make a virtual screen on a physical wall, or even in-mid physical air."
  • Hear the Virtual Space filtered through Head Phones or similar devices, and have an attached Microphone that records the Physical Space near you, including your own voice. Thus, the Physical Space is heard, and on top of it the Virtual Space is heard. "You listen to someone talking to you from a Virtual Space connection, while still hearing your surroundings outside."

Humanizing the I/O of the Computer.

So how can we type? And how are relevant technologies from today in use? Where is the User Interface (a la Desktop style)?
  • Voice commands, recognized by the Computer through the Microphone, control a small handful of commands that are meant strictly for basic interaction with the Computer. E.g. "Computer" -> "Show Keyboard" will reveal a Keyboard on Virtual Space, be it the normal QWERTY Keyboard, or a more suitable input method for this Interface, such as the Dasher program.
  • Typing itself is either by virtual presses on the Keyboard, or by grabbing and re/locating letters and groups of symbols on the Virtual Space.
  • The User Interface is actually our own real Physical Space! From making a virtual window on a wall or in mid-air in specific Physical Space Locations, to sorting letters above lines in mid-air again in specific locations remembered by the Computer for re-use or deletion. E.g. "Computer" -> "Show Browser" and the Internet Browser is opened/shown inside a Virtual Space Window you just created.

Humanizing the Computer machine itself.
Besides I/O, how does the Computer itself appear?
  • The Computer is a relatively small nerve center like object, which may sit in a pocket, or on a table. Small size to fit them all, even embedded inside a clothing or decoration item on the body.
  • The Computer draws energy from sources that fit Human needs. Like trees, it may convert Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen; it may block sunlight from hitting us, while drawing energy from Solar Cells; and it may even use the Kinetic and Thermal physical energy from us and around us to produce energy for itself.

Humanizing the Computer User him/herself.

So how do we Communicate between Virtual Space users and machines?
  • A wireless network of Communication, or even many, may exist. A User may choose to share specific parts of their own Virtual Space for others to see publicly, and choose to make private certain other parts so only they see them.

Sources that helped me compose and think this up, also thanking Google Talks and TED videos! List:

In appreciation of all science and development everywhere!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tools Of The Trade

It simply defines me; a Computer with an Internet connection. A good long Sleep. A good long Up Time. Taking life Slow. Sitting with People and Talking. Enjoying all the Nature around us. A good and simple Diet. Learning new things and Experimenting with everything. Going on Adventures near by and around the world. That is which defines me.

Anime is full of sound. Motion. Colors. Voices! But it's full of crap too. On the other hand, Manga is pure gold.

Nothing has ever achieved what a few good ideas and the power of communication had.

Anime characters with a tan are always less awesome.