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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Human, or Back In There Again.

Oh the Human nature... Us Humans who like things so easily... And there is so much to like as well!... I do believe it's called "getting addicted".

A story teller can not tell his story, if no one is to listen to his words. A lost book has a unique value even more.

Any one thing that has been made with plenty time and much effort, will be of interest and pleasure to anybody who takes notice of it, as that one thing nourished and grew feeding on life itself; Which is the time of a living-being.

Being inspired by a conversation with an Australian friend and thoughts of my current reading - The Hobbit, by Tolkien.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pondering about life, books, and music.

One can do anything they wish! ... But one might value their resting hours as to do so.

I'm a virtual, invisible, inaudible unknown figure probably thousands of kilometers away from you... Yet I can still make you feel bad.

A good rule to be considered would be, not to talk with people whom one can't talk freely with....... Mom......

And on a side note, this is my first post with some recent wording that came to mind. Slowly and carefully. I like 'em; So should you!!