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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You Are So Much Into These Mind Games That I Am Left Speechless

I find it a real darn shame that so many animes insist on mixing Gay Stuff with Awesomezorz Kewlness, just in order to attract more of the Gay Loving audience, and thus make the Uber Stuff appear more climatic. So far I have seen many a good anime that only keep to the Awesome Stuff, and there is no need for Gay Crap at all! Only Uber is Only Uber!

Do you guys even notice our hair, nails, shoes, or eyes?
Well, if a girl doesn't have nails... or eyes, then yes. That's a bit of a problem. Although I think I can eventually cope :+D

My last three girlfriends died after no more than a few months of being in a relationships with me. I was the one who killed them. Eventually. Now I'm left with a horrible problem! How do I find an Asian 6 feet tall girl in the UK???
You're a horrible person!!! You racist!

Remove the trash from your room boy! There's the cleaner tomorrow!
ROFL. You always call him the "cleaner", even though he's been working here each week for ten years. Why not just call him by his name? Nigger!

What do I do if I suspect my bf is a lien?
Be extra careful when you mate!

Oh girl, when you're lonely you just know that a good man is hard to find, and a hard man is good to find.

The ZOMBIE OUTBREAK is already here!!! Look around at all the pretty people around you! See their posts online!! *INSERT ANY FORUM OR MESSAGE BOARD HERE*

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hit It Again! A Returning Criminal!

Let Time kill off those who can not change their own wrong doings. Let Nature improve on the more proper choices of others.

Let us come together in love, and make baby slaves to worship and feed me!


Behold! The beauty of Permaculture!

Some day I'll have my own free for all piece of lush land :+D

Death, as it is known to humans, is full of life.

Rise the Cucumber, and hit the Gardener!

Slaving is bad... Work little - Live long!