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Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Song Of The Saint

Shit happens man. It does. You just sit down, and it happens.

In a world full of water, we are dying of thirst.

Different places don't feel any different. Land. Water. People. Funny... There really is no "I" to places.

Made for discomfort... people will do anything to busify themselves!

Chillin' around in England, singing British songs.

When it boils down to it, I'm just a potato and pasta kind of guy.

Knowing how endless the mind is, a person should choose their actions wisely and carefully.

Something to think about: Looking horribly fucked up.

Each of us have that thing that we do with ease and pleasure, and always keep interest and zest for it. That is what we should do to contribute to others!

Methods of entertainment that keep relationships at the none personal level, such as television and online games, mimic that feeling of liveliness for people, and thus sadly neglect animals and plants which require our attention, for us to be sincerely happy in life.

The main infrastructures we have are based on and supported by the money resulting in effort of citizens. If so, then why are they not free for use publicly? Transportation, water, communications, food, and more. It is obvious that there is a loophole of logic, even if some may claim for sensibility in the economic sense, eventually we can easily see problems arise from such methods.

The transportation system today is a violent solution. It's like using weapons that kill, just in order to control a crowd.

I feel such an amazing sorrow within myself. I am meeting an end, even as I am approaching a new beginning. The heart is indeed something to thoroughly study.

People are just people. The conditions in which we live are what matters the most.

Lying down and looking at the sky, even in a city like London, the heavens are the same dazing beauty. Very good practise.

Without problems life is joyous. There is no need to work on attaining methods of entertainment.

Restful sleep means resting before and after sleeping!

Counting numbers to relax. Counting prime numbers to relax.

I dwell in emptiness.

I feel the intention in the gaze. Not being aware is like being dead. Be dead when you are dead! Not when you are alive!

When giving awareness to something we give it value and meaning. Only then are we able to make use of it.

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