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Friday, August 7, 2009

I feel overwhelmed, as usual.

Ignorance is truly sad. Problems which are obvious to the naked eye, people will comment about endlessly with fear; while problems which are not so easily noticed, are ignored completely. All of this regardless of the importance of the problem and the opinion of the person handling it.

I'm a troublesome guy, always looking for troublesome gals.

Gaining money or any sort of wealth is done by aiding and helping those in need. It is the sharing of lives that allows sustainability for us all.

The Universe is a System of Balance, in which the Perfect Balance equals to Nothing, while everything else is considered Matter. The Law of this Universe is that of the Shift between Perfect Balance and Perfect Imbalance.

Destruction by proxy.

Laziness is the amount of Restriction on a person, relative to the amount of Will they have.
Lazy = Restriction / Will

I want to cry, but I am not crying. I want to faint, but I am not fainting. I want something, but I do not know how to get it. I feel so sad for my ignorance.

To be effortless in action, and to be restful in mind, is to be satisfied in life.

Walk it off!!

Get excited about your feet and start running!

Saving water - for not so rainy days!

I saw myself falling under my exhaustion and fears, abandoning my practise and it's wisdom, forgetting the passion that I feel inside of me every day.

I allowed myself to fight against reality... That which never works. The incorrect way.

Everybody is a teacher in life. I just follow more closely those that I feel have for me a more important lesson.

I am an abstract expression.

A society of slavery enforces contribution on it's people.
A society of equality manages the existing contribution without demand from it's people.

Washing the ocean and combing the desert. Today I had some frog soup!

I kill in the name of Buddha!!!

What comes out of meditation? Nothing!

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