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Saturday, November 8, 2008


"Fist of the North Star is invincible." says Kenshiro from the famous anime of the same name.

Hokuto no Ken is an extreme anime! Here is why:

- Heads and different body parts explode. They do so after certain pressure points are pressed violently.

- People (men, women, children) who walk casually for days in the desert, and under the sun, get almost no tan seemingly. They don't seem to burn much either.

- It's post apocalyptic of course. And Asian!!

- A good percent of humanity has gone completely insane and violent - and are now attacking and killing anything and everyone. Mostly for fun.

- The storyline is matched to fit the above points as best as possible. Thank you Mr. Mangaka!

That's almost as good as it gets really. Really really.

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Adrian Davis said...

Yes, Fist of The North Star is Awesome on so many levels! There will never be an anime better than this, even the remakes pale in comparison to the originals.

Adrian Davis
Interactive Media Designer