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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Empty Shapes & Spirals of Vortexness

Those who know me do not need to read what I think, as they hear me say it often enough. It is those whom I do not meet that would require reading my thoughts, in order to reveal who I am.

Some are artists. Many are philosophers. All quote-smiths say words.

A lacking number of people ever do criticize my words. It is probably due to me being very stupid and very smart.

A zombie alien monster that eats only the arms and legs and screams "Yarrr"!

If I could speak and write in quotes, and nothing but quotes, then I would seem like the wisest man on earth!

It is valuable if it is of high quality. It is less valuable if it is of high quantity. Stop letting gamers grind!!!

Not a surprising matter it is that so few true seekers of knowledge exist today. I have witnessed only very few brave and lively ones, who have trespassed into the utter abyss of thought and existence.

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