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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Random Not-Nonsense

The Wizard & Mage Association; A Vision & Wisdom Guild.

Why watch an entire porn flick?
Because I want to see how it ends!

Car abuse is evil. Bad public transportation is evil. Noise is evil. Air pollution and bad smells are evil. So go on and have a good day!

Humans recreate themselves every day through Science, The Arts, and Anything that their Imagination can think up. I prefer to have sex.

The following segment refers to both Cows and Bulls, but mentions only "Cows" for readability reasons.
Cows eat grass. Cows are strong. Cows have big genitalia. Cows have sexy horns. Cows run fast! Cows don't eat you for all that, yet You eat Cows.

It is a prison if you want to get out; It is a haven if you want to stay inside.

What is the value of teaching someone who is not wishing to learn? Someone who is refusing to learn? A sad smile is unlike a happy frown.

I just may extend my text on the first line. Really got my own interest there.

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