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Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Short Story

Sometimes a long story can take the shape of a short story, and as such entail a wonderful legend, full of colour and life; In a matter of little time as well. Not all short stories are brief, you know. Even a smaller mule can kick as hard as a stallion on occasions! That is the case with this story I know and tell. The short story of Gorr-Rine. Gorr-Rine Lassphamus, is actually their full name. Or maybe his full name. Hard to say. I will let you decide as you follow onwards.


"What's with you now?" asked and exclaimed to, well himself, the small scale of a person Gorr-Rine. Fine long hair he had, and shiny bright and bold eyes also. Both black. As black as the night itself. As black as the soul of the most foul person to be found in all the lands and seas. As black as... his own clean black leather jacket, which Gorr-Rine wore often. "Nothing. Nothing. Nothing at all even." he replied. Once again, to himself.

I know how confusing this might seem! I was confused as well when I first learned of such behavior I tell you. A good guess would be saying that Mr. Gorr-Rine has a dual personality. Or just enjoys talking to himself as if he were more than one. But neither would be all correct, due to his own complicated situation in life (at this time of the story at least).

"I was just thinking," said he again. "What if we run into Ellebob again? Wouldn't that be a good thing?" he asked as if awaiting an answer from someone who knows better. "Not at all! Don't be stupid!" quickly replied to himself. "That fella is nothing but trouble. Besides, it's not all bad as it is now. Not at all. We just need to hang about and this matter will be settled in prettier ways, if you catch my drift," he continued, and seemed to have persuaded himself to agree, as a weird gleaming smile came on his own face. "Now let us move on from this damned forest and get to Ellelots already. I am getting tired you know."

And so he moved forward walking on both feet, and the sun broke through the horizon and through the tall, leafy, green, and sturdy trees that lived in that forest. The Forest so they called it, the locals. No name is needed for just a forest far away from any other after all. Not to belittle that forest, oh no. Quite a mighty lively forest it was. After all, not for naught did so many legends and stories connect themselves to this well known, but very local and remote forest. But this is a whole different story never the less, so not much will be told about it.

Still morning it was as Gorr-Rine finally found his way out of the forest. A good long walk of four days he walked and made camp as well. Not that it was any hard for him, as he was already well trained in walking and scouting. And not to mention that the forest was not all new to him. Well, not exactly at least. Not all new to a good part of him I would correct myself and say. Again, it's your choice as you see fit to decide what is the right way to put things. And now, without even looking around to locate his position and choose a path, Gorr-Rine walked ahead towards a seemingly wild and not in any way unique mountain not too far ahead. A tall mountain covered in snow, even though the weather was fine and warm for days on days now. Yet that fact didn't seem to surprise our Gorr-Rine. And as soon as it seemed he had left the forest, he already reached the bottom of the mountain. Putting his gear next to a comfortable looking rock, and sitting on it, he started singing:

Ohhh where are you my dear friend,
My dear beloved nearing home land.
Fullll of spirit you truly stand,
And nothing on your paths shall not withstand!

And as soon as he was done, and done well as he made sure his Oh's and L's rolled and lengthened nicely, a figure came out as if from nowhere. As if, for a bystander, it was always standing there, and from the beginning was listening to Gorr-Rine singing about. "How are you?" the figure said quickly, obviously taking no interest in an answer. "Good. And you?" replied the already standing and ready-to-go Gorr-Rine. Didn't even bother to look at the fella so very rudely and already putting his gear onto himself again. Yet the other didn't seem to care and already was on his way walking and taking lead to an unknown place (even though Gorr-Rine already had a guess or two as to where they are heading).


A short story I started writing; Holding use of the Tolkien'ish way of writing and style, I input my own ideas and thoughts into this story, which I hope will be likable. I hope it won't be any boring to rabid Tolkien readers, as it might feel like just a copy of his books and stories. I try my best to be authentic though.
Part II to be published whenever I choose in the future. Especially if requested!

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