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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Comedy Solitude Web

Comedians that move too much and speak too fast, simply try too hard and kill the fun!

Forums are good. There's time to think before talking.

Have no group to fit into; Can't make a group; Forever a misfit; It's hard being a lone wolf, when all the others are sheep in disguise.

Chuck Norris really tried not to kill Bruce Lee in their past movie, "The Kung Fu Of The Tower Of The Raging Dragon". Then again, after only a few short years Bruce couldn't stand the intensity of being touched by Chuck anymore, and died. Unsurprisingly; Chuck Norris FTW.

DragonBallZ SSJ Practical Joke;
Requirements: Two school pupils, one of them being a guy, a ventilator (fan), and a silly yellow wig thing that glows.
Instructions: Only a few minutes after class starts, when everyone is sitted and things get quiet, you and your friend open the class door and stand in the entrance towards the class. While, if necessary, one is setting up the ventilator, the other starts his Goku style SSJ transformation screaming and show (the whole uber angry thing). When the ventilator is ready, the SSJ dude puts on the silly long yellow wig - takes off his shirt - and the ventilator guy starts it off at maximum power for the wig to start flying! More screaming, and even quotes if wanted: "I'll get you Freeza!".


Anonymous said...

meow, sheep disguised as what?

obviously solitude is abundant in empty places :P

your friend - trouble maker vinsburg..

Phuein said...

Sheep disguised as wolves ^_^ No other way I would have it!

Anonymous said...

yeah thats what i thought...

i realized today, the people closest to you take your most extreme and not ignorable qualities, and treat them as nothing.

so if you are a genius, the people closest to you will often treat you like a complete fool.

(this actually makes you feel normal and allows them to be so close)


Phuein said...

Yeh. It's like space travel. People now days take it as such a normal and casual thing, even before it's become a standard. Funny humans.

That's why judging of ideas by others, or even oneself, is not very important. What's important is tested logic and feelings that drive us. (And that's why many people commit mass suicide!)